As conceptualisers, designers and manufacturers of Lighter-Than-Air aircraft, our main objective is to facilitate development of cost-effective, efficient and environment-friendly mode of connecting geographies which are difficult to reach and remain isolated from help, especially during the event of natural calamities and disasters


Impact of Natural calamities

Today, millions of lives are lost during natural calamities due to delayed relief efforts. Also, people in remote areas face lot of sufferings and struggle due to acute shortage of basic necessities available in such areas.

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disaster resilient infrastructure

Under the esteemed leadership of our honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, India is taking active steps to make our infrastructure resilient in the event of disasters. In his recent speech at UN, our Prime Minister announced the launch of a coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure and We at Empyreal Galaxy, share this vision of India.

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LTA Aircraft

Our Airships would help solve the problem of difficult logistics and disconnected routes by ensuring timely supply of food, medicines, blood packets and other emergency items which can save thousands of lives in the event of crisis. These airships would be stationed in the air and would be carrying drones on board and the emergency supplies as mentioned above. Our airships would be within 100 km radius of each other at any point in time. Any emergency requirement can be catered to within reasonable time of receiving the information.

These airships can also transport cargo (perishable items, items that require refrigeration like milk, meat, etc) to help people stranded in disaster-struck areas or people living in remote areas, thus improving trade efficiencies, as airships would be much faster than roads, rail and sea transport and a cheaper alternative to airplanes.

have inherently low greenhouse gas emissions because of the static lift provided by the lifting gas. They have much higher fuel efficiency than Heavier-Than-Air aircraft. There is also the potential of full or partial reliance on effectively using zero emission solar power. Also, we at Empyreal Galaxy intend to use biodiesel and used cooking oil to fuel our airships to ensure that fossil CO2 does not enter into atmosphere.

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Our core values


Creativity & innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that by unleashing the creative potential of human mind, we can make everything possible and achievable and bring changes which create positive impact in the lives of people.

Integrity & Accountability

We believe in doing things that are morally right. We honor our commitments and are always ready to take complete responsibility of our actions.

Respect & Care

We care for humanity and our offerings are to solve human problems and benefit the society and world at large. While doing that, we believe to maintain respectful relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, employees and communities.

Creating value

We strive to help and improve the communities and the environment where we work and live.

Safety, Quality & Reliability

We value human life and their well-being more than anything else. We take utmost care for safety at all levels - for our teammates and those who service our products. We strive to ensure that we attain the highest quality in whatever we do, aim for continuous improvements in our products, processes & services to ensure that we always surpass the standards of excellence of all our stakeholders.


Our thoughts are bold, ideas are different and we have the courage to shape a better future. We have a long-term view to look beyond the present to deliver future value.