Our Team


Shailesh Dhuri

Shailesh Dhuri, the Founder and Director of Empyreal Galaxy believes in establishing businesses on the backbone of technology and innovation with strong focus on changing the society and people’s lives for the better. One of his core strength is building new industry verticals, where none exist.

Shailesh is a mathematics buff with a passion for science and keen mind for western philosophy, especially philosophy of mathematics, of science and of consciousness.

He is also the Founder and Executive Director of Decimal Point Analytics, a modern, technology enabled financial research company, established in 2003. He heads the strategy and new product development for the company. He is leading innovation and development of artificially intelligent computer systems for big data analysis, using quantitative analysis, statistical analysis and creation of algorithms for machine learning. The organisation is also working with RBI to assist them in early detection and prevention of frauds through their machine learning algorithms.

Am MBA from IIM Bangalore, Shailesh has been a holder of NTSE scholarship all throughout his college education. This is awarded to only top 700 students in entire India. Other academic qualifications to his credit are FRM from GARP, PRM from PRMIA, CFA from ICFAI and CWA from ICWAI.

During his professional stint, Shailesh has played an instrumental role in starting India’s first private sector bank at UTI. He started India’s first money market fund in UTI. At Ceat Financial Services, he took the market share in primary issuance of Indian T-Bill market from 0% to 10% in a matter of two years. During his tenure, he made this company the most active market maker in the Indian bond market.

Shailesh is an avid reader and mostly enjoys reading science fiction, books on economics and finance, ancient philosophies and technologies. He likes to challenge the status quo and often indulges in debates and discussions leading to fresh perspective on various thoughts and ideas.


Swati Mehta

Swati Mehta, one of the core members of the Leadership Team at Empyreal Galaxy, strongly believes that effective leadership isn’t just about getting results; its about doing things in the right way and thereby achieve results based on strong ethical and moral values that promote honesty, integrity and passion for work and imbibe behaviours that display trust, respect and care for fellow human-beings and betterment of the society at large.

With this objective of betterment of fellow human-beings, Swati has become part of core team of Empyreal Galaxy, hoping to let no stone unturned to achieve a new reality for the society.

At Empyreal Galaxy, Swati is focused on connecting and working with like-minded people who have the zest and enthusiasm to work towards reshaping the future of humanity and the desire to create positive impact in the lives of people. Her purpose is to constantly bring purpose to innovation at Empyreal Galaxy.

With an experience of over a decade in Talent Management, she believes that businesses can survive and succeed only through the efforts and passion of talented minds who are committed towards achieving a common goal. She believes in the spirit of collaborative team-work and co-working by capitalizing on each other’s strengths and overcoming weaknesses to turn big ideas into a reality.

Swati, after her MBA, had opportunity to work with various organisations like Capgemini, Syntel, Decimal Point Analytics, being actively involved in managing and motivating people and nurturing and developing them towards their personal and professional goals. Her speciality has been building innovation centric culture of high performers whose collective heart beats for others. She hopes to bring that to Empyreal Galaxy and build a truly world beating team in a completely “new” vertical.